Moonstruck from Luz Batista on Vimeo.

Here is my Thesis film, Moonstruck
Directed and Boarded by Luz Batista and Sarah Sloyer.
Original Score by Amie Doherty

Dusty Film Festival winner for Outstanding Animated Film

Dusty Film Festival 2014
Midsummer Night Toons Festival 2014
Animation Block Party, 2014


Party Bus!
During my time at FOX ADHD, i got to direct a couple of shorts. This was my first, Party Bus.
Written by Heather Campbell.

Animation Reel 2014 from Luz Batista on Vimeo.

0:03-:027- "Moonstruck"- 2014 WIP Thesis Film. Joint film with Sarah Sloyer. I am the lead Animator and Co-Director.- Animated in TVPAINT
0:27-0:46- "Eagle VS Bear" 2012- Joint animation with Sarah Sloyer. I animated the Bear. Animated in Flash
0:47-1:10- "Kid Wizard" 2012- Third Year Film. I animated and directed the short. Animated in flash. 
1:11-1:44- "JunkRocket" 2013- Third Year Film. I animated all of the character and effects. Animated in Flash

Demo Reel 2013 from Luz Batista on Vimeo.

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